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Kids and their bears is an initiative from Capture Photography and Starlight Foundation to produce a fictional children’s book featuring beloved bears. Participation of this project requires a $51 donation to the Starlight Foundation. To be a part of this exciting project fill in the form below for us to contact you with more information.



How much is my donation to the STARLIGHT FOUNDATION as part of this project? Your donation is just $51, and you will also feature in our book.

Will all the money I donate be handed over to Starlight Foundation? Yes. The complete amount it donated to Startlight Foundation

Can all the family be involved? Yes you can add all the family into the session however we only have a 45 min session so any extra time over will be charged. 

Is there any other costs ? There are no other costs to participate in the project.

Do I have to purchase products or can I just purchase digital files? We have a gorgeous selection of products to show off your images but we understand that this is not for everyone so we also make the files available for purchase.

How much do photographs cost? We have a number of packages available to purchase. You can download our price list here.

How long will my online gallery be available for? Your online gallery will be available for 4 days after you receive the link.

Where are the photo going to be taken: The photography sessions will take place at Clifton Gardens where there is lots of space for the kids to run around and have a great time while we photograph them.

Do I need to tell my husband/partner before I sign up? Yes, it is important that all members, especially the financial members of the family are agreeable before you sign up. 

Do I get to choose the photo which goes in the Book? Yes, you may help choose the photograph however Capture Photography retains the right to have the final say if it doesn't fit within the layout of the book design or for any other reason. 

When does my session need to be taken by? Your session must be taken by end September 2019.

When will the book be available and can I purchase it? This project will run for approximately 6 months. At the end of the project we will contact everyone that participated and provide them with the information on the book and how to purchase it.