Kids and their bears project



Will all the money I donate be handed over to Starlight Foundation? - Yes. The complete amount it donated to Startlight Foundation

Can I purchase images from the shoot? - Yes images will be made available to you via an online gallery. There is no pushy sales session. It’s all done online

Am I obligated to purchase? - No after the shoot you will be provided with a link to your online gallery. Any purchasing decision is completely up to you.

How long will my online gallery be available for? - Your online gallery will be available for 4 days after you receive the link.

Do I have to purchase products or can I just purchase digital files? - We have gorgeous products to show off your images but we understand that this is not for everyone so we also make the files available for purchase.

When will the book be available and can I purchase it? - This project will run for approximately 6 months. At the end of the project we will contact everyone that participated and provide them with the information on the book and how to purchase it.