You deserve a new job

All of us at some time in our career will have been in a job that we just can’t stand.  You know that one where you physically feel sick on the way to the office.  More often than not this feeling is associated with an individual in the workplace who quite frankly makes your working life ‘hell’. 

People, do not put up with this!  I’m not necessarily saying march off to HR -  sometimes helpful, sometimes not - I’m saying take control and see what other opportunities are out there.  It may surprise you.  Even if you don’t end up changing jobs straight way having an up to date resumé and LinkedIn profile puts you in a position of control and ready to leap into action.

Whilst photos on resumé’s are not encouraged recruiters and potential employees utilise LinkedIn to eyeball you. Having a decent headshot of yourself gives you credibility.   However it is often one area that we neglect or feel that we don’t have time for. 

So for those of you that may be waking up tomorrow with the dread of yet another take control and make yourself the most marketable that you can be.  You deserve it!

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