Why photographs are important


You’ve heard it a million times. If your house was on fire what would you grab on your way out? Your photos. The answer should not really be a surprise. Photographs record a moment in time that you can instantly travel back to at a glance. It reminds us of holidays, the crazy clothes we used to wear, parties and they bring back comforting memories of those who are no longer with us. Photos give us an opportunity to introduce our little ones to our past and it will give others the chance to learn about us when we are no longer here. When it comes to photographs we’ve never had it so good. Everyone carries a camera and photo album with them wherever they go. But with it, you also get complacency. How many times have you heard of someone who lost all their photos because the computer blew up or a hard drive failed. And be honest. When was the last time you went through the thousands of photos on your phone? We still cannot replicate the feeling we get from opening an old photo album and move from page to page admiring the images, taking time to process what we see and the memory associated with the pictures. No flicking from image to image with barely enough time to register what is on the screen but taking the time to allow yourself to travel back to that moment. That is why photos are important. That is why having photos around the home is important. They trigger emotions, thoughts and memories that are priceless. I hope you agree.