My favourite pair

I have just done a very quick count of the number of jeans in my wardrobe and it’s twelve.  Compared to others, major and minor celebrities this is probably a very modest number!  I must admit there are a couple that do not see the light of day and one pair which are hidden at the back but will venture our this winter. 

Amongst this collection is my ultimate favourite pair of jeans ever.  We became acquainted back in 2008 when I bought them after some internal debate as to whether my derrière looked too big.  The shop assistant assured me that it didn’t and how right she was!  Oh how I loved and still love these jeans and the adventures that they have had.  They are well travelled too – Europe, US, Asia and South America.  Either dressed up with a sparkly top or a simple t-shirt I always felt that I was absolutely rocking it whenever I wore these jeans.

Sadly they don’t go out much these days given their age.  The brand I hear you ask is Nobody.  I have just checked the Nobody website on the off chance that they may now have a similar pair of jeans as bootleg and flares make a come back and I am very excited to spot these - though I’m not too sure of the high waist!  I’m wondering if the lovely people at Nobody could recreate my jeans for me!

For your shoot with us at Capture Glamour I always advise clients to bring their favourite jeans with them.  These together with a gorgeous top for your first set of photos will have you looking like Miranda Kerr, Kiera Knightly, Scarlet Johannson, Sandra Bullock quick as a flash.

How many jeans do you own?  Go on share with us your favourite brand of jeans!