Complimenting you

This week I received one of the loveliest compliments that I have ever had.  I was told that looking into my eyes was like looking at all the colours of the Amazon Rainforest.  I felt a million dollars.  I always thought I had quite boring eyes – a sort of ‘greeny’ brown colour – neither one colour or the other but somewhere in the ‘middle’.

When I was younger I didn’t receive compliments with ease – often dismissing them with a ‘don’t be silly’ reply.  One of the pleasures of getting older, apart from needing reading glasses, is that I am now far more prepared to accept and embrace a compliment.

There is beauty and wonder in all of us and a compliment does not need to be about a physical quality.  I have friends who I admire for their optimism, creativity and sometimes just for being incredibly nice people.

So next time you notice a wonderful attribute in a friend or relative go ahead and deliver that compliment.  They will feel amazing and so will you!

What’s the loveliest compliment that you have ever had?  We would love to hear from you.