Wish you were here!

Introducing our "Wish you were here!" photography sessions.

Introducing our "Wish you were here!" photography sessions.

We know how hard it can be with family overseas especially at Christmas time.  That’s why we have introduced our ‘Wish you were here!’ sessions for those of you with parents and grandparents abroad.

My love of travel brought me to Sydney from London over twenty years ago.  Life circumstances and also my love for this city made me stay.  Without doubt, living so far from your family can be tough.

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to keep various airlines in business with my family visiting Australia many times and myself returning to England at least every 18 months to say ‘hello’.  However, I have not had a Christmas with my family for fifteen years!  It’s well overdue and this year I’m so excited that in late December Dan, myself and Elli will be departing Sydney to have Christmas with my parents, my sister and niece.

Will you be missing loved ones this Christmas?  What better way to keep in touch by sending your family a beautiful set of photographs of children and grandchildren?  Your ‘Wish you were here!’ photo session is free and we will also give you $100 credit towards photos as our gift to you! 

Book in today by calling Emma on 0403 776706 or contact us at studio@capturephotography.com.au