Photo styles


Styles come and go. I think it’s fair to say that mobile phones are the biggest change that ever happened to photography. Having a camera with you all times has meant that more moments will be recorded than ever before. It didn’t take long for these cameras and apps to have presets that we could apply to our images to give them different type of looks that mimic old style photos, to paintings, to an old polaroid. These presets are a lot of fun but like everything else that comes into vogue, they also go out of style. There is one exception to this. Black and white photographs have stood the test of time. There are numerous theories as to why this is but at the end of the day it might be that black and white images go with everything. No matter what your decor, black and white photographs will fit in with just about any style. So what is your preference? Black and white photographs or colour? And more importantly, why?

Why photographs are important


You’ve heard it a million times. If your house was on fire what would you grab on your way out? Your photos. The answer should not really be a surprise. Photographs record a moment in time that you can instantly travel back to at a glance. It reminds us of holidays, the crazy clothes we used to wear, parties and they bring back comforting memories of those who are no longer with us. Photos give us an opportunity to introduce our little ones to our past and it will give others the chance to learn about us when we are no longer here. When it comes to photographs we’ve never had it so good. Everyone carries a camera and photo album with them wherever they go. But with it, you also get complacency. How many times have you heard of someone who lost all their photos because the computer blew up or a hard drive failed. And be honest. When was the last time you went through the thousands of photos on your phone? We still cannot replicate the feeling we get from opening an old photo album and move from page to page admiring the images, taking time to process what we see and the memory associated with the pictures. No flicking from image to image with barely enough time to register what is on the screen but taking the time to allow yourself to travel back to that moment. That is why photos are important. That is why having photos around the home is important. They trigger emotions, thoughts and memories that are priceless. I hope you agree.

Wish you were here!

Introducing our "Wish you were here!" photography sessions.

Introducing our "Wish you were here!" photography sessions.

We know how hard it can be with family overseas especially at Christmas time.  That’s why we have introduced our ‘Wish you were here!’ sessions for those of you with parents and grandparents abroad.

My love of travel brought me to Sydney from London over twenty years ago.  Life circumstances and also my love for this city made me stay.  Without doubt, living so far from your family can be tough.

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to keep various airlines in business with my family visiting Australia many times and myself returning to England at least every 18 months to say ‘hello’.  However, I have not had a Christmas with my family for fifteen years!  It’s well overdue and this year I’m so excited that in late December Dan, myself and Elli will be departing Sydney to have Christmas with my parents, my sister and niece.

Will you be missing loved ones this Christmas?  What better way to keep in touch by sending your family a beautiful set of photographs of children and grandchildren?  Your ‘Wish you were here!’ photo session is free and we will also give you $100 credit towards photos as our gift to you! 

Book in today by calling Emma on 0403 776706 or contact us at

What to wear!

You have finally booked in those family photos that you have been meaning to do for ages and one of the questions that we often get asked is what should you wear for your family shoot.  These will be portraits that you cherish for years to come so it is a good idea to spend some time on thinking what the family will wear so that it works together.  Of course we’re not talking about matching outfits but colours that compliment each other etc.  This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and requires too much thinking time so we have come up with a quick and easy checklist for you!

Be comfortable: Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in and like wearing.  A pair of good and classic jeans always works well.

Keep in simple: It’s best to avoid large logos, stripes, busy patterns and prints.  Choosing items that are timeless tends to work better.

Think about the location: What style of portrait are you after?  Do you want something casual or more formal?   A more casual style in an outdoor location looks amazing.

Colour Palette: Try and choose colours that work well together.  The use of solid, natural and neutral tones with a splash of colour works really well.

Accessories: These can really compliment your outfit.  Try to avoid overwhelming ‘add-ons’ but hats, scarves, hair accessories can really bring an outfit together.

Mum’s – treat yourself!  How about having your hair blow-dried at a salon before your shoot?   If you are anything like me you love a hair treat and it will make you feel fantastic and gorgeous!

Feel free to bring more than one outfit or top for all family members – even out on location we can always find somewhere suitable to change!

Meeting Mimi


Sleek, elegant, beautiful and affectionate.    This is Mimi – our studio cat!

Mimi is eighteen months wise and with a curious and inquisitive nature loves to great all our clients and be part of the action.  She has been known to even melt the hearts of clients who do not really like cats.  Do not worry if you are allergic to cats –Mimi is a Russian Blue and since I myself am allergic to some cats I conducted some research and discovered that Russian Blues are a hypoallergenic cat.  I haven’t sneezed once.

Once she has said hello, Mimi will find a spot to sleep and you won’t even know that she is here.

 As you can see she is totally at ease in front of the camera and one of our favourite models.

My favourite pair

I have just done a very quick count of the number of jeans in my wardrobe and it’s twelve.  Compared to others, major and minor celebrities this is probably a very modest number!  I must admit there are a couple that do not see the light of day and one pair which are hidden at the back but will venture our this winter. 

Amongst this collection is my ultimate favourite pair of jeans ever.  We became acquainted back in 2008 when I bought them after some internal debate as to whether my derrière looked too big.  The shop assistant assured me that it didn’t and how right she was!  Oh how I loved and still love these jeans and the adventures that they have had.  They are well travelled too – Europe, US, Asia and South America.  Either dressed up with a sparkly top or a simple t-shirt I always felt that I was absolutely rocking it whenever I wore these jeans.

Sadly they don’t go out much these days given their age.  The brand I hear you ask is Nobody.  I have just checked the Nobody website on the off chance that they may now have a similar pair of jeans as bootleg and flares make a come back and I am very excited to spot these - though I’m not too sure of the high waist!  I’m wondering if the lovely people at Nobody could recreate my jeans for me!

For your shoot with us at Capture Glamour I always advise clients to bring their favourite jeans with them.  These together with a gorgeous top for your first set of photos will have you looking like Miranda Kerr, Kiera Knightly, Scarlet Johannson, Sandra Bullock quick as a flash.

How many jeans do you own?  Go on share with us your favourite brand of jeans!

Complimenting you

This week I received one of the loveliest compliments that I have ever had.  I was told that looking into my eyes was like looking at all the colours of the Amazon Rainforest.  I felt a million dollars.  I always thought I had quite boring eyes – a sort of ‘greeny’ brown colour – neither one colour or the other but somewhere in the ‘middle’.

When I was younger I didn’t receive compliments with ease – often dismissing them with a ‘don’t be silly’ reply.  One of the pleasures of getting older, apart from needing reading glasses, is that I am now far more prepared to accept and embrace a compliment.

There is beauty and wonder in all of us and a compliment does not need to be about a physical quality.  I have friends who I admire for their optimism, creativity and sometimes just for being incredibly nice people.

So next time you notice a wonderful attribute in a friend or relative go ahead and deliver that compliment.  They will feel amazing and so will you!

What’s the loveliest compliment that you have ever had?  We would love to hear from you.

You deserve a new job

All of us at some time in our career will have been in a job that we just can’t stand.  You know that one where you physically feel sick on the way to the office.  More often than not this feeling is associated with an individual in the workplace who quite frankly makes your working life ‘hell’. 

People, do not put up with this!  I’m not necessarily saying march off to HR -  sometimes helpful, sometimes not - I’m saying take control and see what other opportunities are out there.  It may surprise you.  Even if you don’t end up changing jobs straight way having an up to date resumé and LinkedIn profile puts you in a position of control and ready to leap into action.

Whilst photos on resumé’s are not encouraged recruiters and potential employees utilise LinkedIn to eyeball you. Having a decent headshot of yourself gives you credibility.   However it is often one area that we neglect or feel that we don’t have time for. 

So for those of you that may be waking up tomorrow with the dread of yet another take control and make yourself the most marketable that you can be.  You deserve it!

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